Ted Nodwell


Artist Statement

My goal is to distill the essence of each situation and to create images that take on a life of their own.

The camera lets me observe and share the marvels and mysteries of life around me. I am captivated by whimsical moments and life’s incongruities. Patterns with dynamic lines, strong lighting and a clear center of interest catch my eye.  I strive to create in the camera what I am feeling about the scene and do minimal post-processing.



Ted Nodwell has won numerous photographic awards including the Allard Prize Photography Competition. His photographs have been published in Canadian Geographic magazine, the Globe and Mail newspaper and on the CBC Newsworld website. His works have been included in the following exhibitions: 

  • "Moments - Life As We Live It", Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, Canada, 2018 (solo exhibit)
  • "Picture of Guizhou", Shuanglong, China, 2018
  • "Imago Mundi Project - Contemporary Artists of Western Canada", Luciano Benetton Foundation, Italy, 2015
  • "Art Across the Pacific", Burnaby Art Gallery, Canada, 2015
  • "15th Annual Finn Slough Art Exhibit", Richmond Cultural Centre, Canada, 2015
  • "International Eco & Humanities Arts Exhibition", Art Museum of Guiyang, China, 2014
  • "Working World", Museum of Vancouver, Canada, 2012
  • "Out of Bounds", Whistler Arts Council, Canada, 2006.

Ted Nodwell's photographs range from strong and bold; to humorous moments that reveal a subtle interplay of characters and elements which become ever-more evident the more one studies his images; to compelling scenes that cause the viewer to pause and become deeply involved, to question, to be open to multiple points of view.


"I continue to think - unbidden - about your 'whole world' image from Port Townsend.

The image looks inevitable but we very well know that is not the case.  

 It is a highly refined image that has stayed vividly in my memory and high in my esteem."

Sam Abell, former National Geographic Magazine photographer