Evelyn Nodwell


Artist's Statement


First come the acts of seeing and experiencing - a human moment, an interaction, a heart-stopping play of light or color, a mood, an atmosphere. There quickly follows the impulse to capture the moment or inspiration. Then comes the desire to communicate and share it. 


At times I am “surprised by joy,” and photography is one way of acting on that surprise. This often means moving quickly to capture a fleeting instant.  The resulting image itself can be a surprise - when it holds the moment that spoke to me, or when it has captured something even more. 


At other times the process of photographing requires patience - waiting for the light to shift, for some elements to separate and become clear, for a gesture or movement.


And yet at other times it means working a situation from many different perspectives to find the image that speaks most strongly. 


Rarely do I control a situation.  I look for what is happening and what speaks to me, and I engage in the life around me.  This includes photographs with people, that I also take in spontaneous moments, never pose. 


Whatever the subject matter, however simple or complex the photo, I believe that my best photographs either tell a story; or evoke a mood, atmosphere or feeling.  




Evelyn has been a category winner in IGPOTY, International Garden Photographer of the Year, as well as a finalist:  



She has had several one-month solo and joint exhibits, featuring work ranging from photojournalistic to abstract high key.  Galleries have included The Gallery at Hycroft, Burnaby Art Gallery, Deer Lake Gallery, The Ferry Gallery's Art in the Hall program, Darkroom Gallery online gallery, UBC's Irving K. Barber Learning Centre gallery, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver and Guiyang Art Museum in China. 


Evelyn has had prints in the Burnaby Art Gallery Sales and Rental division; and has had photos published in Canadian Geographic magazine, The Province newspaper and Vancouver Coast and Mountains Tourism publications. She has given photography workshops and presentations and is a CAPA judge.


An anthropologist and Ph.D. graduate of UBC, Evelyn attended the Alberta College of Art before moving to Vancouver.  She has studied with masters such as Sam Abell, Nevada Weir and Sharron Milstein, as well as at the Langara College Photography Certificate Program. 


As an anthropologist and independent filmmaker, Evelyn has worked in British Columbia and India.  Based on her research in both places, she produced two television documentaries in collaboration with Knowledge Network.