Looking For The Light

October 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The word "photography" means writing with light.

At Nitobe Memorial Garden the other day, I decided make a point of looking for the light first.  No light, no photograph. I wandered the garden for some time without raising my camera, just noticing where light created a mood.

Eventually I discovered the light in this area.  Only then did I set about composing the scene.  What was missing was a centre of interest.  And I like to add a human element to my images.  At that point I turned to the approach advocated by National Geographic photographer, Sam Abell.  Compose... and wait.

There were few visitors to the Garden on that day. How fortunate then that the perfect person in the perfect outfit came into my scene and paused in the perfect place.

I made my image.

posted by Ted Nodwell


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